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Hello internet friends!  I'm Julie & welcome to the my little area in cyberspace.  I'm so happy you were able to find your way here through all those videos of screaming goats & BuzzFeed lists.  (Trust me, I love weird animal videos so I know what an accomplishment that was.)

I'm part foodie & part diy-er with a serious obsession with beauty products. 
My husband, Brad & I live in central Alabama (funnily enough, in a little yellow house).  We're fortunate enough to work together, where we met in 2008.  He has been the biggest blessing of my job & I'm so glad I've found a partner for all my crazy antics.  

I have two furry babies that bring me joy every day.  Their goofy personalities really bring me sunshine on those dark days & they're spoiled beyond belief. 

Fischer is my 'first born'.  He is a four year old, 100 lb. black lab that suffers from an identity crisis.  He believes he is a 10 lb. lap dog.  People are usually quite intimidated by his size, but after two minutes they realize he is a gentle giant that expects nothing but constant petting & lots of treats (hence his weight issues!).  He is my favorite snuggle buddy & my biggest baby.  

Kenzie is my three year old Bluetick Coonhound.  She is full of personality & spunk (when she's not taking her 12th nap of the day).  She's my 'vocal', hellion child (as are most babies of the family).  She's my independent 'child' & quite the diva.  She easily gets lost in her own world once that nose is to the ground.   

I started this blog to express my creative side & share the little things that make me smile each day.  There is no theme to this blog.  It's a whatever, whenever space that covers home decor projects, recipes, travels, & my journeys through this crazy roller coaster ride called life.  I'll attempt to be funny & charming but no promises.  I'm just a normal girl trying to make my mark in this great big world.  So join me in trying, failing, learning, dreaming big, doing it ourselves, globetrotting, & enjoying the small things.  Hopefully you'll find a bit of inspiration.  I'm so glad to have you here!
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