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Homemade Guacamole


On Tuesdays Brad works an extra job so I'm on my own all night.  Generally I don't feel very hungry at night so I opt for a lighter meal or a smoothie.  Tonight I prepped some fresh guacamole in the Vitamix, using the provided cook book.  I figured I could munch on this & save the rest for lunch tomorrow.  It was just the right meal & guacamole always seems like summer to me.  This dish is super easy to prep & chop full of healthy fats from the avocados. 

Carrot Raisin Muffins


In an effort to save time & trips to the grocery store, I'm trying to do a meal plan this week.  If this week goes well, the planning will continue.  Today, I ventured off to Publix after work to make this week's purchases after planning out the meals earlier this morning.  Considering I have to get up each morning at 4 am, there isn't a lot of time for cooking breakfast so I decided this afternoon to make something I could munch on throughout the week for my breakfast.  I broke out the cook book that came with our Vitamix & found this recipe for carrot raisin muffins.  I tweaked the recipe ever so slightly to make it suit our desires a little more.  Enjoy!
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