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Moving On...


Hello strangers!
Long time, no blogging- I know, I know... But I promise I have a very good reason why.

Many of you may have noticed a change in my Twitter & Instagram handles.  I'm proud to announce that I've been working on a new blog!  While this little corner of the internet has been my home for the past two years (really?), I've decided to move on.  I'm so thankful for the contacts I've made through this blog & hope you all will join me in my new endeavors.  I just feel it's time to move on to new pastures & recenter my blogging self.

These days you'll be able to find me over at The Modest Adventurer.  While it's still a lifestyle blog, TMA will be more of a travel heavy site.  Anyone who has followed this site for any amount of time can tell you that travel is my biggest passion & I've felt I've just got a little lost here.  Time for a fresh start on a fresh site focusing on my biggest obsession!

Be sure to check out the new site & you can still find me creeping around social media herehere, & here.  Thanks so much for all your support!

Project Pan: May Update


project pan

Another month down & several products have gone with it.  This month was a productive one on the Project Pan front as I finished off several items.  The more I rid of, the harder I find it to keep from filling those empty spots in my cabinet.  I did manage to pick up a new shampoo & conditioner this month, even though I have several 'backups' waiting underneath the bathroom sink.  I'm blaming it on the fact that I lightened my hair for summer & needed a color protecting set to help the color last longer.  An excuse?  Sure, but it is what it is...  Without further ado, this month's products:

Acai Bowl


acai bowl

Unless you've been living under a rock, you're likely to have heard about the superfruit acai berry (pronounced a-sigh-e).  These berries are native to Brazil & are packed full of antioxidants, fiber, & omega fatty acids.  You can buy acai in a variety of forms at your local health-food store but I prefer the frozen packets as it's easiest to throw into a smoothie or breakfast bowl.

5 Fresh Summer Juice Recipes



Fresh juice screams summertime to me & I find there's no better way to start my day.  I'll usually have one big juicing session to prep a few jars to enjoy over the next couple of days.

Project Pan: April Update


Okay, so remember how I promised to be better at this whole blogging thing- like a month ago? Yeeeeah, someone didn't make good on that promise.
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