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Project Pan: April Update


Okay, so remember how I promised to be better at this whole blogging thing- like a month ago? Yeeeeah, someone didn't make good on that promise.

If I'm being honest I haven't had the time with the whole new work schedule.  When I have had time, I really haven't felt a desire to blog.  I've been trying to soak up what little time I have with Brad now & that is oftentimes spent scooting all over creation while house hunting.  Let's just say that I am SO over the whole house hunting process.  One would think it would be exciting & should be an enjoyable time but I'm finding it to be more frustrating & stressful.  Brad & I generally get about 30 minutes a day to see each other & during that time we're both rushing to get ready for bed so on my off days I get a few hours in the evening time with him.  The last thing I've been interested in doing is forcing myself to sit down & write a few blog posts when I haven't felt too creative or like I've had a whole lot to chat about.  Apologies!

But I digress- today I wanted to update you on April's new conquers.  I'm finding myself consistently dwindling down some of my beauty products & I'm loving it!  I did splurge & purchase a couple of new tubes of mascara since I was out & I used a gift card to pick up a new Kat Von D tattoo liner.  I've been out of black liquid liner for some time now & I finally caved & had to replace it.  Aside from those couple of products, I've still done well at not buying products without finishing off what I have.  It's like a daily "shop my stash" & I find things I'd forgotten about nearly every day.  Here's an update on the things I cleared out this month:

  • Kiehl's Midnight RecoveryConcentrate:  I really love applying this facial oil at night to keep my skin hydrated & help diminish lines & wrinkles.  It's a pretty pricey product & I was absolutely sick when I dropped the glass bottle on the bathroom floor & shattered it.  I was almost finished with it so it wasn't a complete waste but I was still upset none the less.
  • E.L.F. blush/bronzer duo: I've had this for a couple of years now & had finished off the bronzer some time back.  I finally finished the blush in this duo.  Since I depotted it a while back I can't remember the name of the duo but I believe it was St. Lucia (going off the website photos).  For just a couple of bucks you really can't beat the color payoff of this product.  However, I really didn't like the sizable pieces of chunky glitter in the blush.  I can't see myself repurchasing this.
  • First Aid Beauty face cleanser: If you've been reading this blog for some time you'll know that I absolutely love the FAB brand as a whole.  This cleanser is a stripped down, fragrance-free cleanser that I always find myself going back to.  It will definitely be returning to my possession as soon as I finish off my other cleansers.
  • Clinique bottom lash mascara:  The first time I purchased this mascara I really loved it because it defined my lower lashes.  It really separated them without clumping each lash.  It was a subtle way to make my lower lashes pop.  I purchased this second tube but found after being without it for some time that my opinion had changed.  If you're looking for something subtle you may be a fan of this product, but if you're looking for full lashes then I'd steer clear.
  • Origins High Potency Night-a-Mins moisturizer: The more I delve into the Origins brand the more I love it!  This night time moisturizer really left my skin hydrated without being too thick & overpowering.  Plus it smells great!
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On eyeliner: I finished off this black liner & have to say for the price tag, it just isn't justifiable.  While it does go on smooth, without tugging your eye, I did notice that it transfers.  I have a hard time buying any high end eyeliner as I feel that the drug store offers plenty of good options for a fraction of the price.
  • Maybelline Falsies mascara: Clearly my opinion on mascara changes with time because I used to really like this mascara as well but found that if it's not waterproof then no thanks!  I picked up a tube of the waterproof formula to give it another go & see if maybe I just need to stick with waterproof exclusively to hold my curl.
There you have it- this month's update of all the products I finished up.  Another month of Project Pan in the books!
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