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Greek Nachos


I've really been on a nachos kick lately... Well, Mexican food in general... Ok I'm always on a Mexican kick...  In an effort to not burn myself out on such, I went to Pinterest (of course), in search of a (healthier) alternative.  Probably the only thing I like more than Mexican food is Mediterranean food.  I found this pin for Greek Nachos & thought "Yum!"  The recipe was pretty sparse so we took some liberties & made it our own.  Plus, it doesn't get much simpler than this.
Doesn't that make you want to lick the screen?

Tropical Green Smoothie

We've had a few warm days here in Alabama recently & it's put the spring fever in me.  Today when I got home from work I decided to sit out in the warm sunshine, with a good book, & a refreshing snack.  I had some kale & mango that were reaching their expiration points so I decided to whip something up with both.  Perfect treat? A creamy, delicious smoothie!

DIY Acne Fighting Toner


I'm always looking for natural but inexpensive beauty products, especially ones that I can easily make at home.  I absolutely love LUSH products for their nautral ingredients.  But let's be honest, their prices are pretty steep & they're not (sadly) readily available in Alabama.  Some of my favorite LUSH products include their toner waters, specifically Breath of Fresh Air & Tea Tree Water.  If you look at the ingredients, these don't seem that hard to make at home.

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua


I always get depressed on my birthday for assorted reasons.  This year I decided the likelihood of that happening was less if I treated myself to an out of country adventure.  As you'll come to notice, nothing makes me happier than travelling. 
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