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5 Fresh Summer Juice Recipes



Fresh juice screams summertime to me & I find there's no better way to start my day.  I'll usually have one big juicing session to prep a few jars to enjoy over the next couple of days.

They'll keep in the fridge for up to 3 days.  Just give them a good shake before drinking.  For those of you that are new to juicing, these 5 are perfect to start as they are all heavily fruit based so you don't get that "earthy" taste.  Once you get used to it you can start including more vegetables in your mixes for added nutrients.

Minty Mush Melon:

2     apples
3     oranges
1/4  cantaloupe
handful of mint

Strawberry Rhubarb Surprise:

8     strawberries
4"    piece of rhubarb
1      orange
1/2   pineapple

Apple Cantaloupe Delight:

2      apples
1/4   cantaloupe
6-8   kale leaves

Lemon Lime Twist:

1    lemon
1    lime
2    pears
2    apples
2    carrots
1"  piece of ginger

Minty Tropics:

2     mangoes
1/2  pineapple
2     limes
1     orange
20   mint leaves

I use this juicer from Breville but there are many less expensive options.  
Next time you're looking to enjoy a little summer in your glass, give one of these juices a try!

What are some of your favorite juices?

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