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Acai Bowl


acai bowl

Unless you've been living under a rock, you're likely to have heard about the superfruit acai berry (pronounced a-sigh-e).  These berries are native to Brazil & are packed full of antioxidants, fiber, & omega fatty acids.  You can buy acai in a variety of forms at your local health-food store but I prefer the frozen packets as it's easiest to throw into a smoothie or breakfast bowl.

Making an acai bowl couldn't be easier:

1) Toss two frozen bananas in the blender.


2) Run two packs of Sambazon acai berry superfruit (I prefer the unsweetened variety & find mine at Whole Foods) under water for about a minute.  Remove from the packets & throw into the blender with the banana.

3) Add a splash of water, just enough to get the contents moving.  Too much & your mixture will be too thin & soupy.


4) Blend on high until the mixture is smooth & creamy.

5) Place into bowl & top with your favorite items.  I prefer whatever fruit I have on hand, my homemade granola, & a few unsalted nuts.



I always keep a ziploc full of chopped, frozen bananas in the freezer to throw into smoothies or breakfast bowls.  If you have bananas that are getting a little too ripe for your liking, chop them up & freeze for a sweet additive to your next smoothie.

I also have found that using a chilled bowl to put your acai mixture into works best.  The mixture can quickly melt & become more like acai soup otherwise.

acai bowl

acai bowl

What are your favorite ways to enjoy this superfruit?
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