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Office Reno: Part 2


Last we left off, we had covered the process I used to revamp my vanity.  Today's post will show how I remade the bookcase. 
As you've probably begun to notice, whenever I'm feeling crafty or need some inspiration, I go to Pinterest (much to the dismay of my husband).  I found lots of tutorials for adding some visual interest to the back of the bookcase.  All of these used fabric, wall decals, wall paper, or hand painted designs to achieve this.  I wanted to go the quicker, cheaper route (don't we all?).  I was browsing the aisles of T.J. Maxx recently & found this super cute wrapping paper for $2.99! Now that's a price point I can get on board with...

I decided that I was going to make the wrapping paper work come hell or high water.  My only concern was how to adhere the paper to the current backing without glue or adhesive eventually seeping through the paper.  This particular roll of paper was made of papyrus so it is thicker and harder to tear.  Perfect for this project.

As for the rest of the bookcase, I used the same tactics as I did with the vanity: 2 coats of the Zinsser primer & 2 coats of the same flat white paint.  I removed the shelves and backing before painting.  I didn't take any photos of this step considering its the same as part 1.  I also forgot to take a photo of the beforehand bookcase.  Basically, it was just a black bookcase.

Once I was ready to work on the backing I tried to decide the best method for adhering.  As I mentioned, I was concerned that if I used Elmer's or Mod Podge the glue would eventually begin to seep through the paper & show spots.  I decided to just tape it to the backing.  This would allow me to easy change the paper if I ever decided to, without having to rip it off.  I'm sure using some sort of poster tape or stronger tape would be a better idea, but let's be honest- I was determined to use what I had on hand to complete this project ASAP.  *Insert Scotch tape* Fortunately the roll of paper was the same width as my bookcase backing so it really made this project simpler.  Otherwise I would have to concern myself with lining up the pattern and taping in the middle of the backing & that seems entirely too tedious for this redhead. 

Also- my Target find bookcase allowed me to remove the backing, considering it was essentially just a thick piece of cardboard nailed to the shelves.  If your bookcase is of a more substantial making, you may have to take the hard route & adhere the wrapping paper to each individual section above the shelves.  Several tutorials also recommended cutting a piece of cardboard to fit the 'hole' above each shelf and covering that with fabric or paper.  That route also allows you to easily remove and change the pattern.

I laid back board down and simply laid the paper roll down on top of it.  I made sure to wrap the paper slightly over the sides and top/bottom of the backing to ensure there were no gaps.  After wrapping the paper over the edges, I taped the edges down and very carefully reattached the backing to the rest of the bookcase.  Afterall, its wrapping paper so it tears very easily.  (Yes, I failed at photographing this tutorial...)

After we moved the bookcase back into the office, I added all my knick knacks & books back.  I tried to make a beautiful arrangement but in all honesty, I was ready to be done with the project so this is what arose.

I have a small collection of cameras that I wanted to include, as well as a few vases & bottles.  I wanted the accent color for the room to be a teal blue color so the blue Mason jar & blue vase went perfectly.  I also wanted to tie the lamp from my vanity in with the rest of the room.  The lamp is mirrored & has a antique mercury glass look to it.  I decided to paint a coupe of vases to match & added them into the mix.  (I'll post another tutorial for this process later).  After I finished fussing with the shelf fillers, I was finished!

Stay tuned for part 3...

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