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DIY Antiqued Mercury Glass


One of my favorite blogs, 17 Apart, posted this tutorial for creating your own antiqued mercury glass.  I loved the idea of this & after purchasing a lamp from T.J. Maxx with a similar finish I decided to attempt it myself.  I had two Crate & Barrel vases that I purchased a few years ago.  Both were grey & had different finishes.  In order to make these two fit in with the rest of the decor I decided to give this tutorial a try.  

I used a can of Krylon Looking Glass spray.  This took a bit of searching.  Neither Home Depot or Lowe's sold it.  I thought about trying another brand's Metallic Spray but after much research I found out that apparently this doesn't give the finish I was looking for.  Fortunately Brad was able to track down a can of this pricey little stuff at Wal-Mart (since I refuse to step foot into Satan's lair).

Of course no project can be complete without the assistance of my two active pups...

First step is to clean off the surface.  I gave both vases a good wipe down to make sure there was no dirt or dust on them.  Next you need to concoct a white vinegar & water cocktail.  It's equal parts of each so I used a half a cup of vinegar & half a cup of water & mixed them in an empty cleaning bottle.  I sprayed one layer of the mix onto the surface of the vases & immediately followed with a layer of the Looking Glass spray.  You need to move quickly in order to ensure you get the 'water bubble' look.  After you've completed one even layer of the Looking Glass spray, wait approximately 5 minutes & dab (don't wipe!) the surface with a paper towel.  Repeat this process until you get an opaque finish.

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