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Current Happies: May 2014


There have been several things I've been enjoying this month.  I thought I'd share a few of my daily "happies".  All of these things brighten my mood each day & hopefully sharing them with you will spread the good word!

1) Piper & Leaf Tea
 I absolutely LOVE tea & discovered the Piper & Leaf booth at the Pepper Place Farmer's Market a few weeks ago.  I'm loving the Pepper Place Market & only wish I were still off on weekends to attend.  Fortunately, I have made a few visits & was sure to make a beeline straight to the Piper & Leaf booth.  They're based out of Huntsville but make the trek to the Saturday morning market in Birmingham each week.  I'm really a fan of the Orchard Peach tea but all the flavors are excellent.  The friendly staff are kind enough to set out several samples of all the current brews.  They also offer sachets to take home & brew yourself.  My favorite part is the giant quart mason jars they sell the tea in.  I am always sure to tote a jar around & sip as I browse all the booths.  Bonus: if you return the jar, you get half off your next quart of tea!

2) Freedom Soap Company

While we're on the topic of Pepper Place Market-  one of my other favorite booths is the Freedom Soap Company.  I originally discovered this company on Etsy & made an order.  Owner Chasity Curtis had just welcomed a little bundle of joy & felt so guilty that it took a bit longer than normal for my order to get out that she continuously apologized & threw in an extra couple of goodies. While this was completely unnecessary as I still received my order in no time, it just shows the excellent customer service of this awesome local company.  It allowed me to try a stick of their lip balm which has become my favorite part of my bedtime routine.  Their products are all natural & handmade & smell heavenly!  How beautiful are these soaps?!?!?!  I also really loved the string wrapped parcel package Chasity sent my order in.  The little touches show how truly passionate & caring this grassroots company is.  I can't rave about these soaps enough- which is saying something considering I'm truly gross & hate to shower...  Go show this wonderful group some love!

3) Wet N Wild Highlighter in "Rose Champagne"
I've never been a stickler about using a highlighter each day.  I've generally been prettying "eh" about them in all honesty.  Recently I 'shopped my stash' & found this highlighter.  I'm a huge fan of Wet N Wild as they're generally excellent products.  They have great pigmentation that is comparable to high end products but at incredibly low drug store prices.  This particular highlighter is from the Fergie collection & is HUGE.  This product could last years!  The first time I applied it I was shocked at the results.  It gives the most incredible highlight without that disco ball effect.  I just can't stop highlighting!  You could also use this product as an eyeshadow.  I haven't tried it out yet but the rosey champagne color would make for a beautiful lid color.

4) GroupLove
I've been a fan of Grouplove for some time now but they just recently released a new album called "Spreading Rumors".  This album is another hit & every song is great.  The tracks are all so different but they put me in such a good mood & call for a solo dance party.  My favorites from this album are "Ways to Go", "Girl", "Shark Attack", "Save the Party", & "Beans on Pizza".

5) Amazon Prime
I was suckered into the free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime several months ago after finding out not only did it include free 2 day shipping on several items, but also free streaming movies, & a free book to borrow from the Kindle library each month.  Amazon being the savvy business they are knew this is a guarantee for people to sign up for a year contract.  I was no exception to this pitfall & cancelled my Netflix membership as a result.  I figured at $79/year, it would be saving me money for more services.  Of course a few months after signing up for the year contract Amazon sent out an email stating the prices would be increasing the following year.  I guess I'll decide when it's time to renew whether that price tag is worth it or not.  None the less, I've been loving Prime for purchases, movies, tv shows, documentaries, & kindle books not only this month- but since I signed up.  You really can't complain about free shipping on products, especially when you receive the item in two days!

6) Infused water
I try to make sure I drink 96 oz of water each day.  Honestly, I don't hit the mark every day as I find it hard to force myself to drink when I don't feel thirsty.  I've found one way to liven up my water & ensure I drink more is to add some subtle flavoring.  I don't mean by adding any of that chemical filled Crystal Light crap.  I've taken advantage of the blooming garden by grabbing assorted herbs (lemonbalm, A LOT of mint, & rosemary), lemons, or berries & tossing them in my water.  It gives a slight flavor but makes it feel so summery!

7) Tarte Bronzer in "Park Ave Princess"
The temps here in AL are continuing to warm up (it's been 90 here this week!) & with that comes the desire to get that tanned, sunkissed look.  I don't know about you guys, but I prefer to be skin cancer free & just throw on a little bronzer to fake it.  Thanks to my redheaded genes I find it really difficult to find a subtle matte bronzer without it looking too muddy on my fair skin.  This one from Tarte is the perfect shade for me though.  Tarte prides itself on using more natural ingredients & being paraben & fragrance free.  Many of their products are made with Amazonian clay & this one is no exception.  It's great for bronzing or contouring since it has no shimmer.  I pair it with my Real Techniques blush brush & it creates a long lasting bronzed look.

Hopefully you found something that strikes your fancy.  All of these items brighten my day & I can't recommend them enough.  I'm sure I'll be loving many of these for months to come!

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