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Random Facts About Me


We've been casually seeing each other for some time & I think it's high time we had "the talk".  What are we?  Where is this going?  Don't heave a sigh of exasperation.  You had to have known this was coming... I'd like to think it's a little something more than the place you stop by for a quick recipe or craft project for your ever growing Pinterest board.  I've decided it's time we get to know each other a little better.  And by "we" I mean me...

What better way to do that than a list of assorted (& possibly unwanted) facts about yours truly?  You're welcome...

1) I've lived my entire life in Alabama- most of it in one town, yet I feel no attachment to this state & have often felt like I was born in the wrong place to the wrong generation.

2) I am wholeheartedly a dog person.  I think cats are snooty & pompous.  Plus you can never really tell what they're thinking or plotting & that really freaks me out.

3) I think I'm a regular riot.  Hysterical.  My husband often reminds me that I'm the only one that's laughing.

4) Long sleeves that go past my wrists make me feel claustrophobic.

5) I've jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.  Alone.  Seven times.

6) One dimple.  That's all I have.  One dimple in my left cheek.

7) My mother used to make all of mine & my sister's outfits when we were little.  She was always sure to save a little extra fabric to make us matching hairbows for each outfit.  Naturally, we were dressed alike for most of our childhood.  She also made us "bubble suits" which were essentially  giant onesies that buttoned up the back, worn with (of course) Sam & Libby loafers.  This really complicated matters for a kindergartener.  Bathroom trips required a buddy & an early learned ability to control my bladder.

8) I have a terrible poker face.  I am a very animated, expressive person.  Oftentimes to a fault- I don't hide my thoughts or feelings well.  Please don't ask me if I like your new terrible haircut.

9) I took piano lessons for 7 years growing up.  I took oboe lessons for 2.  Despite that, I can't read music today.

10) Instagram is the only social media that I actually enjoy.  I could dispose of all the rest but I only keep them because my husband tags me daily in cute animal videos...

11) Animal videos make my day.  Like this one.  Any animal doing any sort of funny/cute/stupid stunt.  I'm set.

12) I'm really great at starting things.  Unfortunately, I'm not so great at finishing them.  (It should probably be noted that I couldn't finish typing this fact before moving on to the next.)

13) I could eat cheese all day, every day.  Granted, I'd be very sick but it'd be worth it.  The stinkier, the better.

14) I used to be fairly talented at photography.  I even attended a prestigious summer art program for it two years in a row.  Once I upgraded to a DSLR I completely lost all working knowledge of a camera.  I'm attempting to relearn the operations but it's a slow process. 

15) Growing up, my father used to curl (& crimp- God bless the 90's...) mine & my sister's hair every Sunday before church.  As all things in his life, he was extremely meticulous with it & therefore did an awesome job.  Much better than I can do as an adult today.

16) I have an unhealthy love for peanut butter & Greek yogurt.  (Not together of course.)  If I had a peanut allergy or were lactose intolerant, I'd be screwed.

17) I only shower because societal standards dictate I must- as does my job.

18) Bad days are easily made 1000 times better by snuggling with my fur babies for a few hours.  I'm a firm believer in that. 

19) I got detention in kindergarten for coloring on our brand new kitchen play set.  I tried to blame it on another girl & I even made the premeditated effort to draw her name all over it.  My only mistake?  She was out of school sick that day.  Oh, & I completely misspelled her name...  My teacher made me miss watching The Little Mermaid with the rest of the class to scrub it off.  She made me do so with water.  It was a wax crayon.  She knew good & well that crap wasn't coming off.  

20) I get overly attached to characters in book/films.  When a book or series is over, I mourn the loss of the characters like the death of an old friend.

21) I love showtunes.  I'm not above belting them out to my coworkers.  Every day.

22) I have a terrible singing voice.

23) When I was about 15 years old, I slept in an industrial sized plastic garbage bag on the tile floor of the Mexico City airport while being eyed by a one-eyed homeless man.  That's how my family does vacation...

24) I bought my own house at 22 years old.  I will be able to retire by the age of 42.  I'm proud of both of these facts.

25) I could never live at the beach.  I absolutely detest being sandy.  It's one of the worst feelings in the world to me.

26) I. hate. Christmas.  Gift buying.  Gift receiving.  Decorating.  Cooking.  All of it.  I always get blue & feel depressed at that time of year.  I have absolutely no good reason for it, but none the less- it always happens.

27) Maybe it's my really bad posture but I'm convinced my right arm & right leg are shorter than the left.

28) I had hair down to my butt until I was 10 years old.  I got it chopped off to my jawline in one foul swoop.  My mother cried.  She kept my braid in a drawer until I found it when I was in college & threw it away (gross).  

29) I prefer to be naked.  Always have.  I think clothes are the devil's work & have spent most of my life rebelling against it.

30) My least favorite thing in the world are goodbyes.  I can't handle them.  I become an emotional mess.

31) I climbed a hay bale once because I always had this romantic notion of life in the country, romping through fields & climbing bales.  It was one of my worst ideas as the bale was wrapped in briars & I ended up with countless scratches & a severe rash up & down both of my legs for several weeks.  Romance = over.

32) Whenever I got a new pair of sneakers growing up I used to sleep in them the first night.  I'm still tempted to do it to this day.

33) I. love. naps.  Maybe it's because I never get them but I think they're one of the greatest things in the world.  I'm still kicking myself for not taking full advantage of them when I was a kid.

34) October is hands-down my favorite month & it has absolutely nothing to do with Halloween.  I just love when the nights begin to turn cooler & the leaves begin to change.  I live for pumpkin carving & brisk evenings spent sipping hot tea by the firepit with my two fur babies.

35) I consider myself somewhat of a lost soul.  I still have yet to find something that I'm wholly passionate about.  Something that is soul consuming, light-a-fire-under-you incredible.  I have yet to find a career that I could deeply enjoy & feel rewarded by.  A town or state that suits my anxious spirit.  A hobby I can stick with.  A cause I can dive head first into.  I'm still looking for my passion in this great big world.  It's partly saddening because I haven't found my niche at this point in my life.  But it's also really exciting because there's always something to look for.  A restless soul indeed.

So now that we've got those oddities out of the way we can move on.  If you'll still have me?
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