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Project Pan 2015


I am a hoarder. 
But only when it comes to beauty products. 
It's no secret here that I love sampling lots of new little beauty goodies.  Unfortunately I tend to find new ones to try before I finish the old.  Therein lies the problem as my bathroom cabinets & makeup storage are overrun with half used items.  So while I don't make resolutions per se- I have decided that 2015 is going to be a year where I lay down the law on new purchases.  A 'project pan' of sorts.  I'm just really looking to minimize the amount of clutter in my life.  Once I have gone through all the extras, I'll have a better idea of the products I really love & can just repurchase those as needed.  I've decided that I won't allow myself to purchase any new items until I've completely used up all the running ones I have in my possession (i.e. no new mascara until I've finished the six, yes SIX- that are in my drawer currently). 

I'm already dreading this as beauty products are my weakness.  I don't find myself shopping for clothes or jewelry or shoes.  But give me an hour of down time & I'll quickly find myself online browsing the pages of Sephora.  This proves to be especially challenging as I already have a Sephora gift card I received for Christmas that is just burning a hole in my pocket.  Hopefully I'll be able to hold strong & clean out those products though!

What is your area of shopping weakness?  When you're feeling spendy, what's your go to item?
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