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New Year, New Finances


I know what you're thinking- another New Year's Resolution post?!?! Well, cool your jets man, because I'm not here to give you a two page introspective "this is what I learned about myself in 2014 & here's how I'm going to improve" narrative.  Trust me- I feel your pain.  I don't do resolutions.  I do, however, like money.  Who doesn't right?  And who doesn't want more of it?

After selling one house last year & having to withdraw a hefty penny from my savings to assist in closing costs, I'm determined to put that money (& then some) back into my account.  While I'm debt-free (yay), I'm still not saving as much as I'd like to.  So I've enlisted some help...

I've used these two websites off & on for some years now & they're great to help keep track of where your money is going. 

1) Mint

I love how user friendly this site is.  When you log in, you see all your accounts & alerts in one easy to read screen.  You can set up email & text alerts whenever money has been withdrawn from your accounts or if your checking account has gotten below a certain amount.  One of my favorite features of Mint is that you can categorize all your spendings to see where your money goes.  The site automatically puts these categories into fancy little pie charts & graphs, which makes your finances seem super official & like you have a team of financial planners presenting your millions to you.  After all, it's your money- why shouldn't it be important?!?!  You can also set budgets for each category, get tips & advice, view your credit score, & find out your net worth (somewhat depressing).  Best of all?  It's all free!

2) LearnVest

This site operates off the same principle as Mint as you can keep track of all your spendings, assets, & debts.  LearnVest offers you the ability to upgrade your free account to a paying membership where you actually will be set up with a financial planner.  I haven't taken this leap because- well... let's be honest, I'm not Donald Trump here trying to manage my millions.  I find that the free account is more than enough for me.  While I would like to consider investments, I just can't help but feel too frugal with my money.  I am not a gambler... One of my favorite things about LearnVest though is their articles.  It's what initially drew me to the site.  I had a Mint account & didn't see where it was necessary to join another financial planning site.  But then I began reading some of their helpful tips & motivational newsletters.  They offer lots of advice & success stories.  While I believe I have a strong grasp on the financial world, I'm not opening my own investment firm anytime soon so I'm always looking for help understanding retirement (eek) & the best tips for buying a new car.  When you've tired of the financial world, you can browse some of their lifestyle articles.  The site covers everything from health & wellness to wedding planning to yummy recipes. 

If you're considering buying a new car or house, planning a vacation, or maybe just looking to put a little more into savings- check out either of these sites.  Unless you don't like money- in which case you can donate it to me.  I'll use it to start my investment firm...

What tools do you use to help you keep track of your finances?
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