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Cleaning Your Top Load Washer


Now that we've talked about how to revive your dingy towels, let's discuss cleaning that nasty ole washer so you can remove any smells from it also.  Obviously you want to give the entire machine a good scrub down.  After that, you want to tackle the drum.  The best way to give it a good clean is to soak the washer in hot water & bleach.

1) Fill your washer with hot water & add one quart of bleach.  Set your washer to run the longest cycle & let the machine agitate for a few minutes.  Stop the washer & let it sit for one hour.  Then run the entire cycle.

2) Fill the washer a second time with hot water.  Add one quart of white vinegar.  Run the washer a second time on the longest cycle.  Just as before, after the machine has agitated for a few minutes let it sit for another hour.  Complete the cycle.

3) Give the machine a good wipe down inside with hot water & white vinegar.  Make sure you clean the blades of the agitator also.  This will ensure all the detergent build up has been removed.

We have really hard water where we live so its important for us to do this every once in a while to remove build up & mineral deposits.
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