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Renew Your Towels


I've recently noticed our towels have had that funky, soured smell.  (Gross)  Even after ensuring we hang them up properly & wash them with fabric softener for added freshness, they still have been coming out smelling less than fresh.  I tried cleaning the washer but nothing was working.  I took to the internet again & found some helpful tips on how to breathe new life into my grungy towels.  I tried this on one set of foul smelling items & was blown away at how effective it was.  Not only did it make my towels smell fresher but they were brighter & fluffier!  Give it a try to refresh your towels!

Run your towels through a cycle using hot water.  Add a cup vinegar.  Run them a second time through a hot cycle, this time use a half cup of baking soda.  This will strip your towels of all the detergent & build up which is causing the odor.  Dry thoroughly & your towels will be good as new.

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