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5 Instagram Accounts I'm Currently Loving


It's no secret that Instagram is easily my favorite social media platform.  I tend to spend hours falling down the rabbit hole looking at profile after profile.  Naturally my feed is travel account heavy but I also love foodie accounts.  Here are 5 accounts I'm currently obsessing over:

1) zhannakruk
 I have been completely obsessing over her recent pics of Bolivia.  This country had never really been on my radar but after seeing her stunning photos of the salt flats & miles & miles of untouched raw beauty- it's definitely on my 'must see' list.

2) buylocal
 I am a big supporter of smaller, local businesses & I'm constantly checking this account to find the latest Alabama based company or restaurant to give a little love to.  I also rely on this page to update me on the latest going-ons in my area.  I've found out about many festivals & events to attend thanks to this account.

3) lostintravels
Another travel account!  Chelsea & her husband are traveling the west coast in a RV & she's been using her account to update us on their journeys.  I love living vicariously through her photos.  While I doubt I could stand to live in an RV for 6 months to a year, I'm definitely intrigued by the idea & have loved following their story.

4) ellagracedenton
 I initially started following Ella's Youtube channel & soon made the migration to her Instagram account.  She is constantly posting healthy meals that will instantly make your mouth water.  I love following her to see what delicious creations she'll come up with next!

5) juliamanchik
This is really a two-for-one as I love both Julia & her husband, yuriymanchik.  Both are professional photographers & they post breathtaking photos of their travels.  Yuriy posted incredible photos recently of their trip to Bolivia (more Bolivia love!) but Julia also posts pics of their day to day life in Seattle.  All her photos are beautifully shot & she often includes some of their professional photos.

Go check out these accounts & give them some love!
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