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Travel Bucket List


I've never been a fan of the lists of must see places or 'once in a lifetime' trips.  I feel that by deeming certain experiences (such as watching the sun set over the Taj Mahal or standing underneath the Eiffel Tower) more valuable than others really cheapens the authenticity that I believe every place has to offer.  Don't get me wrong, I'm sure that the Taj Mahal can be truly breathtaking & I'd love to see it one day, but there's something to be said for the less touristy spots.  In fact, the hype has acted as a deterrent for many places for me. Throughout my travels, I can say that every place I've visited has had something to offer, even the ones off the beaten path.  No matter what country I find myself in, I think my true passion for travel comes from experiencing the different culture, interacting with the people, & learning something about myself along the way.  I cherish every single journey I've experienced- good, bad, & ugly. 

In all honesty, my travel bucket list is endless & actually can't be confined to a blog post.  There are simply too many countries, cities, mountains, lakes, & hillsides to explore.  Everyday I read or hear about a new place that intrigues me.  I'll never be one to turn down a trip to anywhere!  Even if something doesn't necessarily register on my radar, I'd still jump at the opportunity to visit & see what the culture is all about! 

Here are a few places or experiences that are currently on my radar:

1) Italy- By & far my biggest obsession.  I want to experience it all!  We will be visiting in March 2015 for a few days but I already know we will have to make a return trip to truly soak in the immense beauty of this country.
      Tuscany, Venice, Rome, Milan, Florence, Naples, Palermo, Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre, Mount Vesuvias
2) Alaska- I've lusted over this natural beauty for several years now & it ranks high on my list.  I'm determined to make it there one day AND see the Northern Lights!
3) Venezuela- feel the mist of Angel Falls
4) Brazil- RIO & Iguaza Falls
5) see rare animals in the Galapagos Islands
6) explore the salt flats in Bolivia
7) soak in the Dead Sea
8) Argentina & Chile- be truly wowed by Patagonia
9) roadtrip across the United Kingdom- Wales, Scotland, England
10) wander the tulip gardens of the Netherlands
11) learn simplicity & conservation in Scandinavia- Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Finland
12) return to Bosnia & Herzegovina- We made a couple of passes through this war torn gem while visiting Croatia & Slovenia & I would love to return to spend some time exploring this land.
13) air balloon in Turkey
14) see the true wild horses of Mongolia
15) watch the Himalayan prayer flags fly at a base camp in Nepal
16) enjoy local food on the beaches of Thailand
17) explore the Borneo rainforest
18) walk the rice paddies of Bali
19) wander a kasbah in Morocco
20) worship the sun at the pyramids of Egypt
21) Australia- see the sunset on Uluru, hold a koala, & hit all the sights in Sydney
22) pet a wallaby in New Zealand
23) snorkel the waters of Fiji
24) stay in a hut over the clearest waters you'll ever see in French Polynesia
25) Visit all 50 states- There's so much to do stateside!  I want to see New England in the fall, find a moose in Maine, stroll down country lanes in Vermont, trek through Yosemite, raft the Grand Canyon, soak in the natural beauty of Wyoming, run my fingers across the canyons of Utah, swim in Flathead Lake in Montana, hug a redwood in California, scream "Goonies never die" on the windy beaches of Oregon, see the Milky Way over Death Valley, climb a Joshua Tree in Arizona

...& the list goes on...
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