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Fitness Friday: Call Me Maybe Squat Challenge


I really hate the song "Call Me Maybe".  I really hate it when I'm feeling pained.  And I really really really hate cheery, super happy fitness instructors as I'm sweating & ugly crying.

Now that I've gotten all that negativity out...

As much as I hate those things, I love- well, love is a strong word but I can appreciate this workout.  Cassey from Blogilates & Blogilates TV really knows how to make you break a sweat.  I popped on her "Call Me Maybe" squat challenge this evening after my T25 cardio workout.  I already had a pretty good sweat going after working out yelling at Shaun T for 25 minutes, but I thought I'd add on an extra challenge for good measure.  Halfway through the video I was professing my hatred for Cassey (sorry) as my legs were on fire & she had yet to breathe hard.  None the less, I made it (barely) through & felt better for it.  Add this in to your next workout for a toned tush & shapely legs!

Check out Cassey's blog & YouTube channels for more easy fun inspirational workouts.
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