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Local Loves: Alabama Biscuit Co.


One of my favorite things to do on free weekends is wander around Birmingham & find new restaurants & shops to try out.  I often break out my food passport & hit the road to find a new beloved spot.  One I just can't get enough of is Alabama Biscuit Co. 
I'm all for supporting smaller, local businesses & these guys are top notch.  They use as many local & organic ingredients as possible & they really put their whole hearts into making delicious & wholesome food.  The small space is decked out in beautiful upcycled wood, Alabama plucked marble, & lovely artwork from local artists.

I'm a sucker for a chai latte & it's safe to say that they make the best chai I've ever consumed.  Plus who wouldn't love these cute, quirky mugs?!?!
Alabama Biscuit offers many delectable seasonal specials with an equally delicious standard menu.  One thing's for certain though- the food is anything BUT standard.  My personal favorite is the goat cheese, pecan, & honey biscuit.  I mean- COME ON!  To die for...  While they have an assortment of biscuits, they also offer choices such as oatmeal, grainless granola, & cookies.  You really can't go wrong with any of the options.  
If you find yourself near The Summit in Birmingham, give the biscuit boys a holler.  They're open 7 days a week from 7am-2pm. 
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