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Dear Target, I love you...


gift wrap
I could spend hours wandering through the stationary & office supply areas of Target.  On a recent trip, I found myself doing just that.  Only this time I hit the jackpot.  They had a surplus of stationary, gift wrap, & notebooks in the $1 bins near the entrance.  I had a field day & stocked up! 

How cute are these gift wrapping bits?  Normally I don't enjoy Christmas (blasphemy, I know...) because I honestly find the whole hustle & bustle of gift purchasing/receiving & fighting crowds to be entirely too stressful.  However, thanks to my new $1 Target scores, I'm actually looking forward to wrapping some gifts. 
Whenever I send letters or cards, I also enjoy adding stamps to the envelopes.  I typically use my personalized "mason" one on the seal but after finding these cute little letters & detailed bits, I'll be incorporating some more into my mix.  Sidenote: can we just talk about how cute these clipboards are?!?  I mean, I don't generally have a use for clipboards in my day to day activities but you can bet I'll be finding a use for these precious ones!
2015 planner
2015 planner
2015 planner
The last couple of things I picked up were these adorable little notebooks.  I'm always making lists or jotting things down.  Generally I do so on the back of random pieces of papers & as a result, they get lost in the bottom of my purse or stuck in a book somewhere.  I couldn't resist picking up a few of these little notebooks to put to good use.  I think they'd also make for nice little gifts or stocking stuffers.

I'm also old fashioned in that I really enjoy having a paper day planner.  It's just not the same using the calendar on my iphone.  Plus it definitely doesn't look as cute as this Sugar Paper 2015 planner.  I love the polka dot cork design.  It's also really practical since it has both a calendar page for each month, as well as a detailed spot for each individual day.  I can't wait to put this little guy to use next year!

What kind of gems have you found in the $1 bins?
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