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Fitness Friday: 5 Min Leg Workout


Confession: I hate cheery fitness enthusiasts. Mainly because when I'm experiencing a fairly severe stroke & sweating buckets these girls are swishing their picture perfect ponytails while barely breaking a sweat.  I'm looking at you, Anna Renderer. Sure, you look cute in your ad worthy Lululemon attire & perky attitude but homegirl's over here strugglin' & creating enough friction with these thighs to start a fire...

That being said- Anna is one of the personal trainer gurus found over on PopSugar Fitness & she knows her stuff.  I recently tried out this 5 minute leg workout (read: 5 minutes! Who can't handle that?!?).  Well, I'm here to say that I can't... Ok, I got through it but let's just say it was not pretty.  Nor was it pretty the next day when I had to waddle around with sore thighs.  This simple 5 minute workout definitely is effective & with continued use I'm sure I'll be seeing some change in these thighs!

Check out PopSugar Fitness for more tips & videos to help inspire your next workout!

What's other fitness websites do you recommend?
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