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Fitness Friday: Mean Abs March


I have a tendency to save workout ideas on my phone with the intention of trying them out later.  Fast forward 7 months & as I'm browsing the depths of my phone I come across them again.  Hence, today's Fitness Friday post! 

As much as loathe love my T25 dvds, I feel like they're not targeting my abs as much as I'd like.  Considering Shaun T is constantly yelling at me "Use your core!" throughout the workout, I'm starting to believe perhaps I'm not doing something right.  It definitely can't be the occasional post-workout salted caramels that are catching up to me...  None the less, I've decided to incorporate some more ab exercises into my routine. 

I love monthly challenges that target particular areas.  I've done a monthly squat challenge in the past & really enjoyed it.  These challenges are great for measuring your improvement as they slowly increase the reps of each exercise.  I found this pic saved on my phone & even though it says June, we're using it for March (because we're rebels like that...)  If you're looking to tighten up your core, give this monthly challenge a try!

Do you have any more monthly challenges?  If so, leave them below so I can try them out in the future!

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