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3 Miles in 30 Days Running Program


Hello all & welcome back for another Fitness Friday!

As part of my 30 by 30, I wanted to rediscover my love for running.  In college, I loved running- particularly trail running.  Long runs gave me some much needed quiet time & the opportunity to clear my mind.  Once I started my current job, it became mandatory to run & therefore the fun was lost & I no longer enjoyed it.  Fast forward 6 years: I'm no longer required to run for work but after nearly a year of daily runs being forced upon me I still haven't been able to rediscover that love.  Aside from the occasional 5k, it's been some time since I've tackled distance running.  I took to my Pinterest boards again to locate a solution.  I stumbled across this pin & thought maybe it would help ease me back into the grind.  This program looks like it would be the perfect way to get back into running without overdoing myself too soon.  Give it a try if you're looking to get back into this sport or even if you've never been a runner before!
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