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kiehl's brand focus
A few months ago I talked about my current skincare routine.  In that post, I mentioned a couple of Kiehl's products that I had been using.  I really enjoyed both of these products so much that I decided to try out a few more.  After purchasing entirely too many items from this company, I have come to terms with something-  I am in love with the whole Kiehl's clan.

*Note: This is not a sponsored post.  All products were purchased with my money & all opinions are my own.  I just REALLY love this company!

Kiehl's has a really interesting background.  Their website states that the company began in the East Village of New York in 1851 as an apothecary (which explains their super cool packaging).  From the beginning, Kiehl's has focused on using natural products in their line, many of which are still used today.  Kiehl's has also been involved in several philanthropic efforts & even has a recycle reward program.  For over 160 years this company has been utilizing natural botanical extracts to create an efficient skincare line.  After reading about their heritage, it's easy to see why these guys make such fantastic products.  I also love that whenever you make a purchase you get free samples so if there's something you're curious about or have had your eye on, you can give it a test drive without splurging.  Their merchandise can be purchased online or in stores found all over the world.
kiehl's samples
kiehl's samples
deep pore cleansing masque

Here are some of the products I've tried out:


This is one of their mildest cleansers.  I have extremely reactive, sensitive skin & this works wonders on my face.  It doesn't strip my skin of its natural oils but it removes all traces of makeup & dirt.  Best part?  My skin doesn't have any sort of bad reactions to the ingredients!
As the name implies, this cleanser is of a milkier texture.  It is super gentle & geared more towards sensitive, dry skin.  (um, hello- match made in heaven!)  I generally don't rely on my face wash to remove my makeup, instead I use a remover & then wash my face.  As a result, I can't speak to this cleanser's ability to remove makeup.  Like the ultra facial cleanser, my skin feels clean but not stripped & I've yet to notice any negative reactions to the ingredients.


If I'm being honest, this is probably my least favorite of the toners I've tried from Kiehl's.  That being said, their toners are hands down my favorite products out of the whole range.  It's not to say that I don't like this toner, only that I prefer some of the others for my skin.  I also find myself feeling slightly creeped out by the milkiness of this product.  I don't know why- & no, it's not logical.  But in my mind, I just expect something different for my 'toning needs' (as though that's a real thing..).  None the less, like the cleanser, this toner is extremely gentle & helps restore the ph-balance to your skin.
This is the original culprit for my toner love.  I tried this toner several months ago & instantly loved it.  I really grew to enjoy the herbal smell & it really left my skin feeling clean & hydrated.  I've raved about this before so I won't bore you with more loving words.  Just know- it is fantastic!
If it's possible, I think I've found a toner I love even more than the cucumber herbal.  After finishing off a bottle of the aforementioned toner, I decided to try out another one.  I gave this gem a whirl & I found it had even better results with my skin type.  As soon as I finish off the Ultra Facial I'll be going back to this bad boy!


One area I haven't really delved into has been this company's moisturizers.  The few I have tried have come in sample sizes with my purchases.  I'm currently using this as my night cream.  I love how it quenches my thirsty skin overnight without feeling too heavy.  I can't brag on this product too much considering I have only been using it for a few days & it is a sample size.  It hasn't wowed me enough though to convince me to run out & by any.

The same could be said for this moisturizer.  It was enjoyable while it lasted, but I can't say that the sample size I had really convinced me that it was worth the $52.  I did enjoy that it didn't have a hefty scent & locked in moisture overnight though.


I was really excited to try out this mask.  I love giving myself weekly pamper session with different masks & I couldn't wait to add this one to my collection.  It is formulated with Amazonian white clay that is supposed to absorb excess oils & really suck the crap out of those pores (sick).  I expected it to be something along the lines of the Glam Glow supermud mask but I didn't really see many similarities.  I did notice that I had some small breakouts after using this.  I'm assuming because it pulled all the oil out of my pores & that is a typical reaction.  I could be completely wrong but if you're looking to purge your skin of all its impurities give this guy a go.  Plus- you know it's fancy because they spelled mask with a "que"... 
I also talked about this product in my skincare routine a few months ago so I'll keep my words about it to a minimum.  I would like to say that I originally stated I hadn't noticed a difference in any wrinkles.  Fortunately, my skin is not quite 'mature' so deep wrinkles aren't currently ranking high on my list of concerns.  I am, however, a very expressive person- particularly when it comes to facial expressions.  As a result, I have noticed the ol' forehead wrinkles have become more prominent.  After using this product for several months, I'm happy to report that these have noticeably decreased. 
While I haven't taken the plunge & purchased a full size of this pricey little gem yet, I have had it on several occasions in a (generous) sample size.  Each time I use it I am just wowed by the difference I see after one use.  If I have a spot or blemish, the darkness generally lasts for moooonths!  I apply this & bam! the redness/darkness is diminished overnight.  I really have to bite the bullet & just go for the full size soon enough.
I received this anti-aging product in a sample size & it states that it will attack fine lines including crow's feet & sub-orbital wrinkles while improving skin's texture.  I decided to put it around my eyes to see how it would handle my fine lines there.  Let me just say this stuff burned like the devil.  It made my eyes burn & water.  It definitely didn't tackle any of my fine lines.  Perhaps my skin is too sensitive or either it's not meant to used in the eye area (even though it says crow's feet?).  Either way, I definitely will not be purchasing this little guy.
I purchased this solution a couple months ago & it's been sitting in my medicine cabinet since.  I was really intrigued by the claims but in all honesty, I'm scared to try it out.  I've heard such horror stories about peels & I know that my skin is extremely reactive- so I'm terrified I will wake up after using it & look like a sundried tomato!  Kiehl's does claim this can be used on all skin types & it is a gentle peel.  Now I love you, Kiehl's- but I just don't think you get how sensitive this skin of mine is... I really need to give this one a try because my curiosity has been piqued to see if it lives up to the claims.  I'll let you know the results whenever I give it a shot.

Hopefully, you found a few new goodies here to try out.  (Un)fortunately my local Belk just added a Kiehl's counter so I'll happily be finding my way down there.  Because who doesn't love easy access to their bad habits?!?
Have you tried some of Kiehl's other products?  Leave me a comment on your favorites...
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